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The Course Rating System

In 2001 the Ladies Golf Union took the decision to adopt the USGA Course Rating System to provide a more equitable method of determining the Standard Scratch Score of golf courses. Since that time, teams have been trained in accordance with System requirements, and the process of progressively re-rating all courses is now underway.

Course Rating takes account of playing difficulty as well as effective playing length. Playing difficulty is assessed by taking account of ten obstacle factors:

Each hole on the golf course is evaluated on a scale of 0-10 for each of the ten obstacle factors and account is also taken of the effective length correction factors. The effective playing length of the course is the meassured length modified to take account of wind, roll, lay-up and elevation. The Standard Scratch Score is calculated from the individual hole-by-hole assessments, and to ensure uniformity is subject to independent review prior to issue.

Notification of Course Changes

Affiliated golf clubs must notify the SLGA where material alterations have been made to their measure course involving, for example:

This should be made on a "Notification of Course Change" form and submitted to the Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association, Caledonia House, 1 Redheughs Rigg, South Gyle, Edinburgh, EH12 9DQ. For a copy of this application form please click here.

Note: All increases or decreases in course length should be notified to the SLGA so that records can be maintained. Changes in the Standard Scratch Score will have no immediate effect on handicaps.

9-Hole Qualifying Competitions

This format of Qualifying Competition has been introduced to provide additional opportunities for those golf club Members who are challenged, for whatever reason, to play 18-Hole Qualifying Competitions frequently enough to establish and maintain a CONGU® Handicap representaitve of their potential and current ability.

To apply for a for a Nine-Hole Standard Scratch Score please download the appication form by clicking here and return the form to the SLGA office.

Course Rating Review

Although the rating system is designed to take account of all the playing difficulties likely to be encouraged on a golf course, a club may wish to appeal against the assigned rating. To be considered for a review, the club should state the grounds for appeal on the form"Application of Appeal of Standard Scratch Score" which is available from the SLGA office. A rating appeal will only be undertaken at the discretion of the SLGA following due consideration of the "grounds for appeal".

The SLGA reserves the right to make a charge towards the cost of this service.

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