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Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association Limited

Registered Office:
Caledonia House
1 Redheughs Rigg
South Gyle
EH12 9DQ

Place of Registration:

Company No: 308709

Tel No: 0131 339 3987  

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Club Subscriptions

The majority of the Membes of the Scottish Ladies' Golfing Association Limited are the Ladies' Sctions of Golf Clubs and the Ladies' Golf Clubs in Scotland.It is the Club that is the Member not the individuals. Individuals are affiliated through their Club membershhip and are termed "participating individuals" of Members. Members Clubs are required to pay the appropriate fee for all their female members even if some are members of more than one club. The 2014 subscription form is available here.

The SLGA regonises that its Member Golf Clubs themselves have various categories of membership and the total charge that a Club pays reflects this. The categories of membership are:

Club Subscription Rates for 2014
Club subscriptions are due of 1 January 2014 and are calculated on the basis of the number of adult female members in each of the following categories as at 31 December 2013;
Full and Life: £14.00 per club member - this includes the LGU levy of £2.50 that is passed directly to the LGU by the SLGA.
Non-Playing: From 2011 here has been no charge for this category but numbers will be requested for statistical purposes.
The SLGA makes no charge for Honorary or Junior members but requests details of the numbers in these categories for statistical purposes.
The minimum annual subscription for each Member Club is £75.00.
This category comprises all adult female members of the Golf Club who have some playing rights eeven if they never exert those rights or hold a handicap. These players normally pay an annual subscription to their Club. In the case of Clubs that play over municipal or links trust courses their individual members may pay a seperate body to play the course(s) eg by season ticket. It is membership of the Golf Club that determines the liability to pay the SLGA subscription in such cases.
As for the Full category except that individuals have taken out a Life membership with their particular Golf Club. Their subscription element to the SLGA is, however, payable on an annual basis.
This category is those female members of the Golf Club who have no playing rights ie principally the social members.
This category is reserved for those adult female members of Golf Clubs who have been granted such status by their club in recognition of outstanding achievement or contribution - not merely those who no longer pay a subscription (or pay a reduced subscription) by virtue of age or length of membership.
This category is for girls under 18 years of age who are Junior members of the Golf Club
New Member Clubs are required to pay an initial affliation fee of £25.00 in addition to the annual subscription. Application Forms from Clubs wishing to join can be obtained from the Finance and Operations Manager,
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